Bethany Bandera is a versatile photographer focused on portraits, documentary and design.  

Clients include:  Polo Ralph Lauren, UVA, and industry leaders in law, renewable energy, and finance.   She loves photographing families and people in general.  She's based in Charlottesville and the DC Metro area.

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Naama D - Brooklyn, NY

"These are amazing! just stunning... you really captured the essence of our wedding day in a very special way. It's perfect!  We feel extremely lucky to have had you photograph our wedding."

Anna P - Charlottesville, VA

"Outstanding.  I would recommend her in a heartbeat. She captured our day better than we imagined and did so without making us feel rushed. Most of the time I did not even notice she was there - a real photo-ninja."

Caitlin W - Washington, DC

You were so amazing at capturing our special day, it really means the world to us!

Paula R. - Charlottesville, VA

"With so many choices for photography, that we landed Bethany Bandera is a bit of a jackpot.  The stars aligned, to have her photograph not one but three weddings in our family.  

From a sunny day at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau to a rural pasture in Virginia, Bethany captured the essence of each day.  We hold dear those images that tell a story; the kids frolicking in the meadow, the bride's reaction to her grooms vow, the 92-year old grandmother fixing the cufflinks, the couple and their dogs walking across the Brooklyn Bridge on their way to say I do. 

She was everywhere in the most unobtrusive way and somehow managed to capture the spirit, the intimacy, the whimsy, the tribal love.  A gifted artist."

Joanna D - New York

"We stayed up so late loving these.  Thank you!  Thank you!"

Julie C - Boston, MA

"You are a Brilliant Genius!! I can't believe how fast you worked and how many great shots you got."

Jamila S - Washington D.C.

"I wanted to have something out of the box that captured the spirit of the wedding. And she did just that!"

Julie B. - Brooklyn, NY

"Bethany's photos are incredibly beautiful - from posed shots to moments of intimacy. She captured the special people in our life in a way that didn't feel clichéd, making sure that everyone had fun.  Her high energy and even keel helped to keep our wedding day on schedule.  And she really is a gymnast - climbing on precarious ledges and standing in the middle of the street - all to get the perfect shot.  

We also really appreciated our engagement session. Though we hadn't planned to do one, we were glad we did as we had a chance to get comfortable behind the camera. Our scheduled day ended up rainy, but nevertheless, her shots were beautiful.

On top of all of this, Bethany is just a pleasure to know -- kind, funny, and genuine. I can't tell you the number of wedding guests who specifically commented to me that our photographer was the best that they'd encountered, quickly making everyone feel at ease.  She perfectly captured the moods of each part of the day and we feel so lucky!"

Jesse L. - Charlottesville, VA

"Bethany is an amazing photographer - managing to capture genuine moments without us even knowing she was there. Very unobtrusive and low-key, characteristics I was grateful for on a day that was so intimate. At the same time, she has a great energy and a knack for putting people at ease, which came in very handy during the family shots (which is basically like herding cats). 

Throughout the whole experience she was relaxed, friendly, and professional.  I loved her so much I had her take pictures of my children this past year too. Our prior professional photos paled in comparison to hers. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

Lanz T - Charlottesville, VA

"Bethany is an amazing person to work with–full of enthusiasm, charm, grace and skill.  Her presence is delightful and her work is phenomenal.  My partner and I are both visual artists so it was important for us to hire a photographer with a discriminating eye and a natural talent for finding beauty in unassuming places.  

We have received countless compliments on her behalf from all who have seen our wedding photos, and we joyfully recommend her to anyone seeking a talented and experienced professional photographer."

Erin S - Lewes, Delaware

"Bethany has an eye for the simple, yet beautiful moments that can take your breath away.  In any given situation she has the quickness to be almost anywhere and everywhere when these moments take place.  Bethany was like an invisible assassin- never seen but always around capturing the most amazing shots at interesting angles.  During the photo session, her energy was high - she kept everyone relaxed which was reflected in our family photos. 

I had told her I wanted the day to be documented in photojournalism style.  And that she did.  Top shelf results, light on her feet, personable, professional and organized... and of course, photographs that really are timeless."

Oriane D - Charlottesville, VA

"Bethany was the perfect photographer;  professional and easygoing.  She excels at capturing people in the moment, so we had tons of special pics of the bridesmaids laughing together, friends clinking glasses, my dad waiting to walk me down the aisle. She also did a lovely job of capturing the scenery without it seeming to postcard-y.  

She really puts people at ease; you don't feel like you have this stranger inserting themselves into special moments.  She's very discrete and so helpful with managing the family pics - thorough and timely without being pushy. I feel so lucky to have had her as my photographer -- can't recommend her highly enough."

Chloe A - Washington D.C.

"Thank you for all of your great work on the wedding. The first look, family photos, and ceremony pictures all went so smoothly, and you blended in so well with all of our friends at the reception that I think a few people might have thought you were a guest. And we had a blast! "

"We've been oogling over these pictures over the past few days, and can't tell you how nice it is to actually get to *see* our wedding in detail (the actual day is such a crazy blur)!  They capture the spirit of the evening beautifully."

Melinda S - Alsace France

"Even though we're based in London and Bethany in NYC, it wasn't an issue to make all the arrangements.  She went above and beyond in scoping out the area where we got married in France and she knew where we would get the best light for photographing us and she was great at giving direction without really having to! 

I was so pleased when we received our photos and was amazed to see that she can get some great candids without us even noticing that she's there - she sneaks in and out without interrupting or interfering which in my view is a great skill for a photographer to have. She's also a great and fun person to have around - we couldn't be happier with our photos!"

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